Training & Exercise

Emergency management and National Incident Management System Training is provided by the Office of Emergency Management.  Some training is required under Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-5) to receive federal funding, grants, training, and reimbursement of disaster recovery costs.  In addition, there are several other training programs that are delivered out of the Office of Emergency Management.  Examples of training included sponsored training from the State of Arizona, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and other local training efforts sponsored by Office of Emergency Management.



Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan


Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) has in place a Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan (TEP).  The GRIC Multiyear TEP is the roadmap for GRIC to accomplish the priorities described in their Homeland Security Strategy. The OEM has pursued a coordinated homeland security strategy that combines enhanced planning, new equipment purchases, innovative training, and realistic exercises to strengthen GRIC’s emergency prevention and response capabilities. Training and exercises play a crucial role in this strategy, providing GRIC with a means of attaining, practicing, validating, and improving new capabilities.  This training plan helps prepare GRIC to optimally address both the natural and technical hazards that it faces.