Emergency Communication


Disaster may strike at any time or place. Whether caused by the forces of nature or human caused, disasters can take lives and destroy property. Gila River Indian Community’s best defense against this devastation is an informed public. Accurate information helps empower people to make effective decisions. A Crisis Communication System is designed to effectively manage public information and crisis communication during an event.  Regardless of the size and complexity of the situation or the number of entities involved in the response, informing the Community is a priority. 


When an emergency occurs in the Community, may require immediate access to communication channels and stakeholders. Communication may be internal to the organization or external to Gila River Indian Community enterprises and businesses.  Communication may require public information or notifications to community members, employees, department, enterprises and businesses within Gila River Indian Community.  To enhance this capability the Gila River Indian community, the Office of Emergency Management has in place a Reverse Notification System for the purposes of providing emergency information over the telephone system.  In addition, the Office of Emergency Management has established a hotline for providing real time information to the public. 





Threat Assessment

Message Content

Testing of the System

Office of Emergency Management Hotline